How Can You Keep Your Data Secure with the Best Board Portals?

The goal of hacking and infecting a site with viruses is always to obtain material benefits either through data manipulation or through the use of hosting resources which is why board portals are used.

Let’s Start with the Basics: How to Protect Your Personal Data with Board Management Tools?

Personal data, or PII, is a characteristic assigned to any data that can identify a specific person. Your address, email address, and phone number are traditionally considered PII data, but you also need to be aware of hidden information that identifies you on the Internet, such as IP addresses, connected devices, and social media pages. Biometrics could also be added to the list of information stored on the Internet, as face and fingerprint identifiers continue to gain in popularity.

Thinking that your data is of no value to cybercriminals is grossly underestimating your invisible adversary. Most hacks are not trivial data theft or breakdown of a site template, but an attempt to use the site to spread spam or create temporary storage of illegal files on it. Other, equally common cases of abuse of hacked sites are the use of sites for a botnet or for hidden cryptocurrency mining. And don’t forget about internet ransomware.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from providing personal data on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you order from an online store or share photos or confidential information with your family: you need to know how to protect your data with a board management tool.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Data Secure with the Best Board Portal

The main problem is that users cannot grasp the fact that cybercriminals can easily take over critical personal data without getting into the house or stealing bags on the street. But today, user data is especially vulnerable – new technologies allow hackers to get logins and passwords, bank account numbers, and other confidential information without much effort. There are some ways to keep your data secure with the best board portals:

  1. Encrypt your data.

To many of you, this may sound like rocket science, and you might think that it requires specialized technical knowledge. However, you can be sure that even if encryption was once used exclusively by “IT people”, today it is no longer the case. Operating systems use programs like Full Disk Encryption for Windows 10 and File Vault for Mac, which encrypt the data on your computer. This means that only someone with a unique encryption key can access the information stored on your computer.

  1. Security with board portals.

Communication with boards should always be safe, and the minutes of all meetings should be drawn up and uploaded to the board’s portal. Special care should be taken to prevent cyberattacks or company exposure when communicating over digital channels. In some cases, telephone conversations with the corporate secretary may be preferable to written communication. Email messages should be brief and reviewed before being sent.

  1. Customer orientation.

However, this way soon proved impractical because the category of “shareholders” was too diverse and included agents with different interests – both the founders of the companies and investors who did not intend to hold the shares of the company for a long time. Currently, boards of directors tend to avoid narrow wording as to who the board actually serves.