Best Secure file Hosting comparison review

The file-hosting service serves its customers as a secure and reliable repository for their personal and business files. Although there are alternative ways of storing files on the Internet, such as attaching them to email, most users who care about their data prefer these mechanisms, which come in both paid and free and business platforms. In this article, we will look at the top servers that are the best in this area and briefly review them. 

SugarSync Review

SugarSync has been programmed as a multi-device image synchronizer since its inception. This service is incredibly easy to use and offers many solutions for online copying. Cloud storage has an extensive list of features and allows you to do absolutely anything you see fit with your document.

The program can adjust its own bandwidth and permissions, and the developers also offer a free 30-day version of the program. The price of the service is one of the most expensive, but all the comfort it gives in its use is worth it.

Box Review

The box is a service for those who have high demands, and it in turn is ready to meet them. The developers offer you a lucrative free tariff of 10 GB, only for individuals. This may seem like a very lucrative offer, but more lucrative ones exist in the paid tariffs section.

You will get previously unavailable features and tools for only five dollars extra, and you will get a profitable program with a transparent service system.

ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive is another great example of a secure file pro that almost pioneered Amazon Web Services S3 using powerful technology and close ties with leading NAS developers. The company offered a free 2GB plan, as well as a reasonably priced starter plan that entails a huge amount of storage space for a few dollars a month. If you decide to buy a premium subscription, the developers provide a free 30-day trial.

IDrive Review

IDrive has years of experience in the backup and storage industry and offers solutions to complex problems with easy-to-manage tools on an intuitive interface. In this cloud storage, all your files are compressed so they can be downloaded in unlimited quantities from both Windows and Mac systems and cell phones.

The free version gives you 5 free gigabytes per month and the paid versions come with a price tag of a little over $50 a year. The server has advanced features and is also concerned about the privacy of its customers.

MediaFire Review

MediaFire is a very popular cloud storage service with a customer base of up to 50 million users. And it is not surprising, because the developers offer some of the best deals on the market. Payless than $5 per month and get 1TB of space.

The free plan gives users 10 GB a month, but users will have to endure short commercials during the download process. But, it’s also very important to note that customers with the free plan have the opportunity to earn up to 40 GB if they connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or invite a friend. 


Best driver update software

Drivers are the software that establishes the connection between your operating system and the hardware you manage. They are necessary for the entire computer system to work well, including your keyboard, computer mouse, and video card. If there is a problem with the drivers, it can have serious consequences. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best drivers so that you can automatically find the most suitable one for your system.

Driver Booster Review

Driver Booster is one of the best programs for autodetecting and updating drivers. Its principle of operation is incredibly simple and to start updating you only need to click one button. It will scan your system and show you which elements of your system need updating. It also updates important components in Windows that are directly related to games.

The main features are:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Huge database of drivers that are updated regularly
  • Before updating your old drivers are archived
  • It is possible to work even without an internet connection

DriverPack Solution Review

DriverPack Solution is notably different from the previous program because it can work without connecting to the Internet, while in Driver Booster this feature is available only in one version. DPS has two versions of the program:

  • First – the program takes up 20 GB of your PC’s memory and when you download it, you can install drivers on any computer system
  • Second – the program works with an internet connection, scans your PC, and downloads the necessary drivers from the network


  • Offline and online versions of the program
  • DPS also offers to install other useful programs, but unlike one updater they are not dangerous and not malicious
  • You can perform an anti-virus check of your computer

DriverHub Review

DriverHub is a free-to-use utility that needs internet access to do its job. Using the program is very simple: you just need to click on the button “find now” and in just a minute the program will find drivers for each element of your PC, and you just need to click on the checkboxes of those drivers that you think you need to install.

Main features:

  • Although the program is free it has a large number of drivers for various equipment
  • Uses only drivers from official sites when installing
  • It is possible to roll back your system to a previous version if you do not like the way the drivers work

Driverfix Review

Driverfix detects and updates outdated drivers as they appear, automatically. But before it performs an update, it backs it up in the form of a zip archive. The program interface is designed in dark colors and very easy to use and all functions are easy to understand even for beginners. The price range is quite affordable, but the app lacks the additional features of VPN and other security features. 


How to remove malware from android

Smartphones without the Internet become a primitive means of communication, so they need regular access to the network. All your apps and games require constant updates, and when your app asks for an update we give the okay without a second thought, thus allowing access to all our data. Sometimes this can lead to infecting your android with some kind of virus and in this article, we will tell you how to fix it.

How to know if your phone has a virus

Our phone stores exactly as much important data about us as our computer, hackers understand this and try to make our smartphone as vulnerable as possible. To recognize that your phone is infected you must pay attention to such phenomena as:

  • Too many ads -if it gets to the point where ads are preventing you and your smartphone from living and functioning normally, and ad windows pop up even when the phone is idle
  • The phone doesn’t hold a charge or overheats even when you are not using it.
  • Applications don’t function properly – may close without asking or errors may occur
  • Phone memory becomes corrupted and photos and audio files stop opening
  • Phone installs apps that you don’t know about or some strange folders appear
  • Communications and Internet traffic costs began to rise, even though you use them as usual

How viruses get on your phone

There are three most common groups of malware:

  • Pop-up banners that cannot be deactivated, it is very difficult to solve this problem on your own and you have to go to extreme measures – reset to factory settings
  • Spyware – they record all the owner’s actions that he performs on the phone and sends the information to the intruder, you can notice the presence of such programs if you pay attention to the consumption of your traffic, which will be increased significantly
  • Trojans and worms – they spread through your storage and transmit your files to the network, as well as destroy the phone by encrypting data and deleting important folders

All these viruses can get into your phone along with the official applications you download. You can also get a virus if you click on unfamiliar links or open unknown emails.

Step-by-step instructions to remove viruses

The following instructions will show you how to remove malware from Android

    • First of all, you need to have a reliable antivirus with which you can scan the system, detect and eliminate the virus
    • If the virus is already in your phone and has started to block your actions turn on-air mode and check your app list. Uninstall the ones that are unknown to you
    • Malware can be found in the administrator’s folder and take away its rights. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, select the “Security” tab and find the sub-item with app permissions
    • The safest way to eliminate the threat is to reset it to the factory settings. To return to the factory settings, go to the “Settings” menu on your phone, select “System” and go to “Reset”.

How to get entry level data analyst job

A data analyst is a highly sought-after profession whose responsibilities include processing data and transforming it into useful data for business improvement. There are several levels of the analyst profession, depending on which their salary and responsibilities depend. If you are just getting ready to learn this line of work, this article will help you understand how to become an entry-level data analyst.

What skills do data analysts need?

First of all, you need knowledge of mathematics. If you do not have skills in mathematics, it is much harder to learn the profession. So the schoolchildren’s excuse that algebra is not useful to them in real life is still just an excuse. In the field of data analysts, you will apply that knowledge regularly. And although some workers say it’s not a required skill, it’s at the heart of data analysis. If you talk about math skills more specifically, you will have to delve into:

  • Linear algebra
  • Regress
  • Probability theory
  • Numerical analysis

Knowledge in programming is also very important for this case. If you study code later on it will help you learn and solve complex problems efficiently. The most common programming languages for data analysts are R, Python, C ++, Java, MATLAB, PHP, and SQL.

Statistics is a very useful skill for novice analysts as you will often rely on statistical concepts.

Microsoft Excel-you must constantly improve your Excel skill to become an advanced worker.

Training options

To become a data analyst entry-level employee you need to prove yourself as someone who knows your business, which means you need to know how to sort and clean data, which in turn means that you need good records and a portfolio.

Nowadays this is not a problem as there are many online courses you can take from the comfort of your own home. But what makes it even better is that now you don’t need an official document that will indicate your education in this field. It is enough to take an online course for beginners to learn all the skills you need at the entry-level. 

Sectors in which data analysts are in demand

Data analysts may be needed in areas such as:

    • Marketing research – Data analytics help developers of a new product understand whether it will be successful in its sales to its target audience
    • Healthcare – Medical professionals can use data analytics to more easily track their patients’ medical histories and diagnose them more effectively. If you choose to become a data analyst in the medical field, your responsibilities will include organizing medical data, analyzing it, and helping medical facilities provide the best possible system management
    • Government – Analysts in this field track the needs of the people in the best possible way. Analysts in government perform many different tasks