Best Secure file Hosting comparison review

The file-hosting service serves its customers as a secure and reliable repository for their personal and business files. Although there are alternative ways of storing files on the Internet, such as attaching them to email, most users who care about their data prefer these mechanisms, which come in both paid and free and business platforms. In this article, we will look at the top servers that are the best in this area and briefly review them. 

SugarSync Review

SugarSync has been programmed as a multi-device image synchronizer since its inception. This service is incredibly easy to use and offers many solutions for online copying. Cloud storage has an extensive list of features and allows you to do absolutely anything you see fit with your document.

The program can adjust its own bandwidth and permissions, and the developers also offer a free 30-day version of the program. The price of the service is one of the most expensive, but all the comfort it gives in its use is worth it.

Box Review

The box is a service for those who have high demands, and it in turn is ready to meet them. The developers offer you a lucrative free tariff of 10 GB, only for individuals. This may seem like a very lucrative offer, but more lucrative ones exist in the paid tariffs section.

You will get previously unavailable features and tools for only five dollars extra, and you will get a profitable program with a transparent service system.

ElephantDrive Review

ElephantDrive is another great example of a secure file pro that almost pioneered Amazon Web Services S3 using powerful technology and close ties with leading NAS developers. The company offered a free 2GB plan, as well as a reasonably priced starter plan that entails a huge amount of storage space for a few dollars a month. If you decide to buy a premium subscription, the developers provide a free 30-day trial.

IDrive Review

IDrive has years of experience in the backup and storage industry and offers solutions to complex problems with easy-to-manage tools on an intuitive interface. In this cloud storage, all your files are compressed so they can be downloaded in unlimited quantities from both Windows and Mac systems and cell phones.

The free version gives you 5 free gigabytes per month and the paid versions come with a price tag of a little over $50 a year. The server has advanced features and is also concerned about the privacy of its customers.

MediaFire Review

MediaFire is a very popular cloud storage service with a customer base of up to 50 million users. And it is not surprising, because the developers offer some of the best deals on the market. Payless than $5 per month and get 1TB of space.

The free plan gives users 10 GB a month, but users will have to endure short commercials during the download process. But, it’s also very important to note that customers with the free plan have the opportunity to earn up to 40 GB if they connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or invite a friend.